What is a coworking space?

Our coworking space is something that we are incredibly stoked about.

Whether you’re a freelance photographer/designer or you own a business for doggie daycare, we wanted to create a space for people to feel safe and free to do what they need to in order to be productive. Part of our mission was just to create a space where people feel free to embrace the chaos of work (no matter what that work may be for them) and to make it beautiful with the environment around them and the people that surround them.

Connections and community are important to all of us here and we want to treasure that as well as build a place that fosters that and keeps it growing. We want people to know people. We want to find common ground between people - and if our space is just that, fantastic. Breaking down barriers and creating relationships are what we’re about in every facet.


Why is our space different?

Our Coworking memberships offer 24 hour access to our 6,000 SQ FT shared work space- whether you just need a desk to work at a few times a week, or you need a private office, we have you covered.

Plus, all of your beverages from the coffee bar are free. 

We are dog friendly. We WANT you to bring your dog to work. So please do.

For our coworking members, our space is open to them 24/7 (don’t worry - it’s still locked and we have 16 cameras). Just because the sun says goodnight doesn’t always mean you do, too.

With each membership we offer free unlimited coffee - any drink. I’m talking like if you’re feeling a $5 refreshing iced vanilla latte one day, it’s free, or a cup of drip coffee, it’s free. Any drink on the menu is free for you (during cafe hours).

We have awesome neighbors - have you been to the Distillery District before? You could spend a full afternoon there, no doubt. Check em out.

We have hammocks and a nap space. Enough said, right?

Our snack bar and beer fridge is stacked full of yummy complimentary things to keep your mind energized while you work.

We have so many kinds of desks. Cafe style, private, standing, treadmill and bike, etc.

Our large conference room is free to reserve for coworking members.

To find out the rest, you’ll just have to visit ;)